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The mobility solution for companies with multiple business locations in a region. UrbyCampus offers your employees an overview of tailored travel options between your company sites, showing them the relevant services for their trip. UrbyCampus integrates all of your company-relevant commuting options such as shuttlebus, bike-sharing, or corporate fleet cars.

Increase usage of existing assets

Companies with multiple locations in one city offer their employees a variety of mobility options to travel between sites. However, often there is no optimization of the single mobility options. Consequently, employees are travelling the same route around the same time all by themselves using separate assets.

Save travel planning time for your employees

With UrbyCampus, your employees save time while planning their business trips, giving them the possibility to optimize their daily schedule. Another advantage of this is the increase in efficiency and safety while traveling between sites. Thanks to UrbyCampus, the best route to go from point A to point B is calculated taking into consideration multiple factors like real-time traffic information, construction-sites, and more.

UrbyCampus features

The ride-sharing functionality of UrbyCampus enables colleagues to inform each other about their next trip, which enables passengers to join spontaneously. Share your ride made super easy: only spontaneously in the next minutes, no long-term planning. Pre-defined corporate meeting points to quickly find each other. Fastest route to destination – thanks to the dynamic-routing capabilities of UrbyCampus, the best route to the destination is always shown in real time. This functionality helps you to avoid congested urban areas, reduce time travel, and provide a better experience while commuting between sites. UrbyCampus offers the possibility to integrate the corporate campus bus of your company, enabling your employees to find the best route to get to their destination.

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Corporate Car Sharing

In a hurry? Can’t wait for the next shuttle bus and no shared ride available? Book your corporate VIP shuttle service or taxi and share your ride with colleagues.


Public Transport

When interesting for your campus use case, UrbyCampus can additionally show third party mobility offers, like local public transport and taxis.


Corporate Bike Sharing

Ever considered corporate bike sharing? Not only a healthy and sustainable alternative, but even a faster travel option between sites in dense urban areas.



With this mobility solution, employees can make their morning and evening commute more efficient. UrbyCommute is helping you to optimize the choice of relevant transportation options and the utilization of private and shared assets. 

Sharing is caring

Caring about the ecological impact of your daily commute makes sharing trips an obvious choice. UrbyCommute leverages state-of-the-art technologies from on-demand mobility services - like ride-hailing - to make car-pooling a great experience.

More money, more time

Sharing trips and the resulting operational costs for energy, maintenance and road fees means more money available for fun stuff, like taking your family on a nice vacation. Additionally, you can benefit from being able to use dedicated pooling traffic lanes that are only accessible to vehicles with a high occupancy (so called HOV lanes). This gives you also more time to spend with your family and friends, instead of wasting it in traffic. 

Urby4You features

Urby's underlying algorithms have been designed to create a great user experience by providing tailored mobility options. Urby4You utilizes map-based services to find realistic options, i.e. like ride-sharing trips with minimal detours and delays. The Ride Radar can keep an eye open to look for suitable ad-hoc ride-sharing options and will notify accordingly. The built-in contact function allows you to easily get in touch with your companions.  

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Ride Radar

Contact Rider

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Do you have a repeatative daily commute schedule? With Urby4You you will be ableto plan a shared trip ahead of time including setting up reoccuring trips. 


Friends & Family 

Do you share trips regularly with friends or family? Urby4You helps you organize shared trips and to always know who needs to be picked up where. 


Cost Sharing 

Do you find exchanging money akward and inconvenient? Urby4You will propose an objective amount of cost contribution and provide payment without bills and coins.  

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